Course Expectations

I enrolled in EDUC 639 to try to develop a deeper understanding of the total concept of social networking.  My experience of networking has been limited to Facebook and Linkedin.  Obviously, there are many other aspects of social networking that need investigating.  I hope to explore these sites with the goal of somehow using them in my classroom.  I already have used blogs and wikis yet look forward to studying other network sites hoping that there might be some applicaiton to my students’ learning.


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Instructor - Delaware Tech
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One Response to Course Expectations

  1. mggrottiM says:

    Hi, Mac! I really like your blog- great i mage! It is good to see you in class again. I am also interested in expanding my social network bubble… although I use Facebook all the time and I lurk on Twitter often enough, I hope to “wrap my mind” around this sphere a bit more as a result of this class.

    Looking forward to working with you!

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