Using the Web and Social Networking

It is said tht there are pros and cons to everything that we say and do.  I suppose the same is true for using the web and social networking.  I find that the thoughtful use of technology can provide an unlimited opportunity for interactive learning.  Information is available 24/7 on any topic I choose.  In addition, communication is instantaneous once it is posted.  I have the ability to share and network with my peers with just a few clicks.

However, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by some aspects of the technology.  I use certain apps without a thorough understanding of how it works.  Is the information I provide public, limited or private?  What are the consequences of such use – as evidenced in the “Overexposed” video.  That being said, I do try to research the app and then run the risk of being “always on” – a label I try to avoid.  This research takes time!  So how does one manage the use of all of these technological tools? As mentioned in Stephen Mangat’s videos, I try to thoughtfully plan my day by allowing specific times for certain things (networking , surfing etc.).  I am starting to use tools that help to increase personal productivity such as google reader, google docs and hope to investigate others mentioned like hootsuite, pidjin, or dropbox.  Technology and the web, when used correctly, can actually make my life easier, more organized and productive and provide unlimited learning opportunity.

Two blog posts that I found interesting that pertain to the advantages/ disadvantages of the web and social networking are:  and


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6 Responses to Using the Web and Social Networking

  1. Charles,
    I too feel overwhelmed sometimes with the WWW. I use the web to search forums and other feeds to solve or at least get ideas on how to solve problems we face at the high school. Kids today seem to have a better grasp on technology, but they are still newbies when it comes to the safe way to surf. But this is for another time.

    • Charles and Sam,
      Like you, I feel like there is a deluge of social media tools. I believe our job is to coach students on how to use these tools to expand their cognitive and creative abilities, notwithstanding, their communication skills. Also, I believe that as experienced professionals, no matter what our craft, we have an edge and that is we have wisdom on our side…even though the children, teens and young adults know how to navigate faster and they may know more apps, we still must coach them into using the Internet safely as Sam mentioned including how to use these tools “to create new knowledge” I am sure I got that quote form our professor.

  2. interesting point you brought up about certain apps being private, public or limited. I never thought about that too, but now that you mention it I have a hard time identifying that as well. I also try to manage my time like you do.

  3. kotchjester says:

    Hello! I LOVE the collaborize classroom. I just set up an account for my classroom, but in order to invite my students, they need an email address. Any suggestions for how to get my 4th graders online with this program?

  4. I am glad I am not the only one that is a little scared of all this. I honestly never heard of any of this stuff until I started my Master’s degree in 2006. I had no clue what a blog or wiki was…it sounded like a different language. That’s when I knew I had to learn. I am glad we have this opportunity to learn about some different tools and media outlets.

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