Information Flow and Dashboards

I must admit that as the semester has progressed and I have added numerous new networking tools I began to wonder how to manage these sites.  I found myself clicking back and forth to access the page that I needed.  Thankfully, I am investigating Netvibes and Hootsuite to assist me with this management process.  I have used IFTTT to facilitate interaction of some pages with the long term goal of a more networked interaction thus increasing my productivity.  It is very exciting for me to be able to do this and will require more investigation and use to become proficient.

As I use the new social network tools, I find myself initially aggregating information.  That is to say that I am gathering and collecting data to form a collection (aggregation).  Once created, the aggregation needs to be shared with others or curated.  To me curating simply means finding and sharing content.  Two sources that may help in this understanding are: and


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One Response to Information Flow and Dashboards

  1. janicejhill says:

    I like you are glad that I learned about HootSuite, Nebvites, IFTTT and other tools. I was getting a headache remember names, password, etc. of all these sites we visited and to think of 100s more that may be useful to us in the future…

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