Recreating “Me”

Well.. after a critical review of my aboutme page I came to the conclusion that it sure did need revision. I started by thinking about what was important pertaining to my professional self and rewrote the text accordingly. I encountered a problem with the background however. I feel that it should be “soothing” and not “busy” and reflect a reference to my profession as a Respiratory Therapist. I examined google images, the AARC website etc. and could not find one that suited my needs. Consequently, I am still in the revision stage of the background of this page.

I then turned my attention to my blog page. It seems to serve its purpose at this time. I am finding that I do view things differently than when I started this course however. I would not be surprised if the blog page was not revised before the end of the semester, yet it works fine for now.


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One Response to Recreating “Me”

  1. I had the same opinion about my blog and my pages as well – the was largely lacking, but my blog seemed to be doing it’s job. Then I looked at Meg’s revisions and honestly, I was strangely inspired to do some tweaking. A half hour later, I’ve got some added widgets and a theme that I really enjoy. Even though I don’t really see myself using this blog past the end of this course, I’d be more likely to now since it looks so pretty!

    I dig the changes to your page! I went for “soothing water” feel as well 🙂

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