Copyright and Fair Use

After viewing and reviewing the material pertaining to copyright and fair use I am sure that I will carefully consider those items that I choose to include in my presentations or handouts used in the classroom.  Such consideration of materials used is not new however.  I attended a workshop offered by my employer a few years back which considered this topic.  I came away  scared to death to use anything that even came close to being a copyright violation.  Shortly thereafter I was photocopying a handout on APA format for my students to use when writing a research paper.  I was uncomfortable doing this and thought about this a long time before giving it to the students.  Although used  as education I still feel a little uneasy with this.

So what am I to do to develop confidence that I am not violating copyright law?  I will be sure to routinely identify and cite sources.  Each entry will have to be given careful consideration before its use to try to ensure compliance.   I think that for me the answer is if there is a question – do not use it!


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4 Responses to Copyright and Fair Use

  1. tjcanty75 says:

    I think that copyright infringement is solely put in place for monetary reasons, even if the law states otherwise. It seems to me that the only cases of violations revolve around the almighty dollar, so I think as educators, we are safe!

  2. Amy Mooney says:

    IT’s very scary business. I think citing everything is a good policy. I think it’s a confusing formula to see if it’s OK to use something. No wonder people are getting sued all the time.

  3. I join you in your scared feelings. I also found it interesting that it is the responsibility of those who own the material to track you down. Yikes!

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