Webspiration – Tool Exploration Project

Webspiration classroom is a very powerful graphic organizer that can be used by teachers as well as students.  It can graphically illustrate complex concepts or ideas – presenting them in a different way thus augmenting the learning process.  The site may be freely used as a trial for 30 days or a subscription may be purchased for a varying period of time.  Work may be created individually or collaboratively.  The program has the ability to manage content and publish to the web.  While creating content, participants may comment, chat, or revise depending upon what roles are assigned.  I found the site very easy to use and created a few concept maps for use in the classroom.  I think it will be particularly helpful for new students to visualize complex concepts and aid in developing critical thinking skills.  Please view the screencast for a more detailed explanation.


Also please listen to a few educators who use the website in their classroom:



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3 Responses to Webspiration – Tool Exploration Project

  1. mggrotti says:

    I was vaguely familiar with Webspiration before I watched your presentation, but i think your application to health science trainings helped me to better understand how this tool could be used. We’ve spent a lot of time looking at infographics this semseter through the class use of pinterest, etc., so being able to create a quick and easy infographic makes sense as an instructional tool.
    As a side note, I wish my narration in my own project sounded half as professional as yours! great job!

  2. I like Webspiration it seems like a great tool for writing and thinking.
    Meg, I had to get close to the mike…still not sure how it will sound when some one else listens to my tool project.

  3. williamboyer says:

    This is a pretty cool tool! The flow charts could come in handy!
    I also had trouble with volume, but didn’t notice that it was too low until I watched my videos on a different computer 😦

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